Client Information


Your First Visit

You can expect your first visit to be welcoming.  I am glad that you took this first step, and am happy to listen to your concerns.  I follow a standard protocol that will include my gathering background information, including family, work, and medical history.  I will ask you about any medications you are taking, and the name of your prescribing doctor.  Three of my favorite questions to ask during this visit include, “What brings you in today?  What do you hope from our time together today?  What would you like to see change for yourself, in your relationship, or in your situation in the next two to three months?” 

The first visit lasts approximately 55 minutes, and by the end of it, I hope we have the beginning of a working agreement that will guide us toward the goals you have expressed.  If you are unsure of your goals, do not worry—defining your goals can be a goal in and of itself.

Please bring your completed paperwork to the first session.  If you are using insurance (I accept Anthem only), please call ahead of the session to determine if you have a deductible to meet, how much you have already met, and what your copay will be once met.  Please bring in enough cash or check to cover your part.




Please download and fill out these documents and bring them to your first visit.  Thank you!

MB Consent for Contacting Form

MB Informed Consent

MB Notice-Acknowledgement

MB Patient Intake 3-2016

MB Contract for Services Provided 03-2018